Dr. Yasmin Amini, ND

Hi, I’m Yasmin! I am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Doula! My focus is patient-centered care with a realistic approach to reach optimal health and comfort. My priority is to support my patients’ health by providing them the education and tools they need to live healthier and happier. I incorporate diverse and unique modalities, including acupuncture, physical medicine techniques, lifestyle modifications (nutrition and physical activity), botanical medicine, proper supplementation, counselling and homeopathy into individualized treatment plans.

Background and Experience:

After completing my Bachelor of Science with Honours in Kinesiology, I completed my degree in Naturopathic Medicine. During my time at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, I knew I wanted to become a Doula and support women through pregnancy and beyond. In addition to treating patients within multiple clinics, I worked with family members and friends to gain experience with labour and birth and saw the differences in experience outcomes. I then followed this path to support, empower, educate and instill confidence in women during pregnancy, labour/birth and postpartum.

Why Birth?

I have seen far too many times the gaps and challenges that women face during the time of pregnancy, labour and birth. This experience stays with us forever, so why not make it the most positive one? Pain management is one of my biggest focuses and I use techniques and naturopathic tools to allow women to cope. Let’s take on this adventure together as your body is worthy of the best care and was built for birth!

I offer care in English, French, Farsi and Spanish.

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