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If I could recommend one purchase to every pregnant person, it wouldn’t be baby gear or maternity clothes.

It would be a yoga ball. Like these ones.

Dirt cheap and SO useful!

My son was a very long baby. Like “kicked me in the ribs while I was in labour” long. People kept telling me don’t worry, he’ll drop.

Sure he dropped, on his way out! 

My ribs were bruised for about a month after he was born.

I had a yoga ball from years back and I busted it out because I knew I would want to use it while I was labouring. Turns out it was about the only place I would sit in late pregnancy. It forces an upright posture so my babe had a bit more space to move around. 

Which meant less of the kicking me in the ribs.

So, that’s where you would have found me in my last few months of pregnancy. Basically all the time.

I spent my early labour at home. The yoga ball was amazing.

Being able to sit but also move and sway felt really good. I also leaned over it which is a great alternative to being on all fours. It gave my upper body a rest and also let me stretch my chest and belly. It’s a worthwhile purchase just for that.

I assumed that would be the last I used of it. 

I assumed wrong.

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Fast forward a few months, welcome to the 4-month sleep regression. It’s a thing, google it. 

All of a sudden my fall-asleep-anywhere-newborn is no longer. Overtired becomes a thing. So overtired that he refused to eat, or do anything but cry.

I tried rocking, I tried singing, I tried shh-ing. 

Nope, nope, nope. 

Out comes the yoga ball. Big, deep bounces plus some shh-ing and a giant hug are about the only thing that settled him. Even better, I can slide him down to my breast without him really noticing because he’s distracted by the bouncing.

It was way more sustainable than trying to bounce while standing or walking. 

While it may not have solved the sleep regression, it has certainly made things way easier to manage. 

So, there you have it. Looking for a SUPER useful prenatal purchase? Check out a yoga ball! 


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