Is my baby breech!?

First off, don’t stress.  Usually only very few (<5%) are not head down by the time it is to give birth.  You may notice health care providers may start to get antsy however around the 35-36 week mark, especially if they can’t feel baby with their own hands to confirm.  They may request an ultrasound […]

Three Tools to Encourage Endorphin Release in Labour

By Dr. Tehseen Meghji, BSc., ND, Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator Endorphins are the body’s natural pain reducing hormones. Did you know that they can be stronger than morphine in reducing pain? Every labour contraction causes a release of endorphins and as labour intensifies, the production of endorphins increases. In fact, in un-medicated labours, the peak […]

Orgasmic birth?! Tell me more!

Wait did you say orgasm during birth?This is a very taboo topic, while writing this article anyone I spoke about it with was totally shocked and confused. Isn’t birth supposed to be painful? That is what you would think from the way that birth is portrayed in the media, but that isn’t always the case. […]

A Birth Partner’s Guide

Pregnancy, labor, and delivery can be an exciting time for the pregnant person, as they gear up to meet their new bundle of joy. However, there is also another key person involved in the journey of birthing a newborn baby – the supporting birth partner. The birth partner could be a doula, romantic partner, parent, sibling, […]

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