YDD Doula Training


A comprehensive in person and virtual naturopathic doula training. Covers common concerns in pregnancy, birth and postpartum including managing body pain in pregnancy and how to help patients with the most common lactation concerns.

Approved for 12 Cat A CE credits with CONO


Next in person session is running June 8-9 in Mississauga. Space is limited.



This is a limited small-group comprehensive training program where you will learn: 

  • How to help your patients navigate pregnancy care and choices in our healthcare system, including standard tests and assessments.

  • How to optimize aspects of the pregnancy to minimize the need for birth interventions

  • About the naturopathic approaches to common pregnancy symptoms 

  • What to expect during labour and childbirth and, more importantly, understand what to expect when working with different health care providers and in different birth locations. 

  • About common interventions in labour and birth from both conventional and naturopathic perspectives.

  • Ways to emotionally and physically support your doula clients.

  • How to effectively advocate for your doula client and communicate with healthcare providers

  • About lactation support techniques and learn how to answer your patients’ most common questions around breastfeeding, choosing formula, pumping and bottle feeding.

  • About the business side of being a doula. 


The best part is, you get 12 Category A CE credits upon completion!

Once you’ve enrolled you’ll get immediate access to the online content. Our next in person training will be held on June 8-9 in Mississauga.

Space is limited so we’re limiting the training to 10 participants. Make sure to secure your spot!


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