YDD Academy Membership




Welcome to your all access pass! This membership gives you lifetime access to all of our online courses so you can be prepared for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Our team of highly trained experts has put these courses together specifically for you, so you have evidence based information as well as insider experience right at your fingertips. You’ll get immediate access to:

Pain Free Pregnancy: Our guide to relieving the most common aches and pains of pregnancy

Prepared Partners: A mini-doula training for your birth parnter

Prenatally Prepared: Our comprehensive, signature prenatal class

Peaceful Pregnancy Audio Recordings: Guided visualizations to help you prepare for a calm birth experience

7 Days of Love Affirmation Cards: Gorgeously designed birth affirmations

All About Inductions: The name says it all, how to avoid an induction and everything you’ll need to know if you have one

Breastfeeding SOS: What you need to know to get your chest/breastfeeding relationship off on the right foot

Lactation 101: A complete course that covers just about everything there is to know about lactation


That’s almost $1000 CAD worth of classes. Get access to everything for just $597 CAD.


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