Lactation 101


This online prenatal chest/breastfeeding class is a deep dive into everything you need to know to get your chest/breastfeeding journey off on the right foot. We’ll talk about:

  • What to expect in the first weeks of your baby’s life
  • How to read your baby’s cues
  • How to latch and feed your baby effectively
  • How to know if they are getting enough
  • What to do if things don’t go as planned
  • Alternative feeding methods, pumping and how to bottle feed a breastfed baby

Plus we’ll bust some of the most common myths around lactation and I’ll give you some of my top naturopathic tips to help you get through that newborn period.

You get all this content immediately after registering and you have access for 1 year, so you can check back if things come up along the way.

Each lesson includes short, easy to digest videos where we discuss each topic in detail and I show you practical things you need to know to get things going successfully. You also get downloadable handouts that you can keep on your phone and refer to as needed. Plus, many topics include links to other helpful resources.

Feel confident about your chest/breastfeeding journey. Get started today.



Congratulations on taking the most important step in preparing for breastfeeding. Once you purchase, you’ll have instant access to the course for 9 months. You’ll also receive an email with instructions on how best to use the class so you can get the most out of it.

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