What is an Induction Pregnancy – All About Inductions




You’re coming to the end of your pregnancy, everything has been smooth so far. Then all of a sudden at your 38 week visit, your doctor starts telling you it’s time to schedule an induction. Don’t be caught by surprise!

So, this course is for you if:

  • You are in your last trimester of pregnancy
  • You want evidence informed information about birth
  • You want to feel empowered to birth on YOUR terms

Dr. Olivia Chubey, ND and Dr. EeVon Ling, ND dive deep into what is an induction Pregnancy, giving you easy to understand info on what the research actually says. They also provide you with things that you can do RIGHT NOW to avoid being induced. Best of all, they go through point by point of what to expect if you do end up having an induction. They tell you exactly what to expect, how to prepare for it and tips on how to get through it while supporting your physiology.

Let’s get started!


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