After all the anticipation and preparation of your pregnancy journey, the moment has finally arrived – cradling your precious baby in your arms. But as the initial excitement settles, the reality of postpartum life sets in. 

This is when it’s time to put your learned skills into practice and begin the next chapter of your life with your newborn. Which can look drastically different from the life you’ve led before. 

With all your focus going toward your little one, parents can often find themselves neglecting their own care. Amongst the diaper changes, feedings, and long nights up with your baby, it’s hard to find time to touch base with yourself or your partner. 

But as you adjust to this new normal in your life, it’s still possible to incorporate some self-care strategies to ensure that you’re also being looked after. 

Nourish Your Body And Mind

Parenthood is a journey, and while you still prioritize your baby’s needs, you must meet your physical and emotional needs.


Give your body the nutrients and hydration it needs. After giving birth, your postpartum body is still undergoing changes, so eating wholesome food, carrying a water bottle, and getting as much sleep as possible is essential. Listen to your body trying to tell you.


As a new mother responsible for another human for the first time, it’s understandable to be overwhelmed. But you don’t have to add extra pressure to your plate. Allow yourself the time to feel your emotions and remind yourself to do one thing at a time. Then, celebrate the tasks that you did get done when the day is over. 

Accept Help

There’s strength in accepting help when you need it. Have you heard the saying, “it takes a village?” 

You can call on your doula and your family for support when needed – the people who support you and love you know how huge this transition into parenthood truly is. If your parents offer to look after your baby while you shower or get a snack, then it’s okay to let them. 

If you have a question, Your Downtown Doula is a call away to help you find the answers. 

Remember that you don’t have to take on everything all at once. 

Connect With Your Partner

With you and your partner focused on the baby, it can leave little time for you to connect on things outside of your child together. However, being present with your partner and checking in with them throughout the day is essential. 

You don’t have to set a time daily; life can be unpredictable. But a goal of planning to speak with your partner when the baby is down for a nap or right before you catch up on sleep can make a difference in your relationship and your bond. 

Keep going! This new chapter in your life may take some time to get used to, but you are doing things your way and trying your best in the process.