KYBOYB Registration information 

This page contains information for walking a potential client through registering for the Know Your Body Own Your Birth Prenatal Program. 

Current class Schedule and capacity:

(First 2 Wednesdays of every month)

Wednesday May 3 and 11, 7:00-9:30 pm (0/6 spaces taken)

Wednesday June 7 and 14, 7:00- 9:30pm (0/6 spaces taken)
Wednesday July 5 and 12, 7:00-9:30 pm (0/6 spaces taken)
Wednesday August 2 and 9, 7:00-9:30 pm (0/6 spaces taken)
Wednesday September 6 and 13, 7:00-9:30 pm (0/6 spaces taken)
Wednesday October 4 and 11 , 7:00-9:30 pm (0/6 spaces taken)

As the person answering the phone, introduce yourself as the "program coordinator". 

Once the client has decided to register, do the following: 

1) Choose which scheduled group class to join (dependent on due date). Inform the client that they will be contacted by the instructor from Your Downtown Doula, the partner company. 

2) Book client in for their 1:1 Physiotherapy session at one of the Cornerstone locations on a date that is AFTER the date of the first class. 

3) Inform the client that they will get access to the online physiotherapy teaching materials (once they pay the initial fee) that they must review BEFORE the 1:1 pelvic floor physiotherapy appointment. 

4) Gather the CC informatiom so you can bill for the online pelvic floor teaching materials right away. Explain to the client that this is the only component that is paid for upfront.  The rest will be billed for as they take place and can be billed directly to insurance at the time of the class/appointment provided that their plan allows for this and insurance information is provided .  A receipt of this virtual teaching module will be sent to the client at the end of this call and they can submit for reimbursement under their coverage.  

5) Send the templated email for confirmation of booking in this program and BCC eevon@yourdowntowndoula.com informing Your Downtown Doula of the booking. Your Downtown Doula will take care of the rest for the client for the prenatal class. 


  • The total program fee is $600, $300 towards naturopathic services (as 2 prenatal classes) and $300 towards physiotherapy (as online course access and physiotherapy appointment)
  • Generally speaking, the client pays for the services received. Prenatal classes are billed per class ($150 x 2) and the physiotherapy fee (2x $150) is split between the teaching materials access and the 1:1 in-person physiotherapy appointment
  • Once access has been granted and services received, there are no refunds.

FAQ: Click the questions to view answers 

What is this program and what is included? (short summary)

2 modules:

1) Prenatal Module:

  • 2 small group prenatal classes taught by a licensed ND doula - includes learning and practicing practical relaxation exercises for a relaxed and confident birth
  • The prenatal module includes 2 workbooks, 5 audio recordings, birth affirmation art cards and additional resources.

2) Physiotherapy Module:

  • Access to the online physiotherapy course
  • A one-on-one session with a pelvic floor physiotherapist to learn exercises to reduce birth injury and improve postpartum recovery

What is the fee?

  • $600 for the entire program: $300 towards the Prenatal ND modules (2 X $150); $300 towards the pelvic floor physiotherapy modules.
  • ND and physiotherapist services are tax exempt.
  • Practitioners are licensed and service fees are eligible for insurance coverage

When to Start/Is this program appropriate for me

  • 3rd trimester or around 27 weeks is ideal
  • Need to ensure that you could finish both live online classes, the pelvic online education module and get in for you 1:1 session by 37 weeks pregnant (34/35 weeks registration at latest)
  • Clients who are more than 37 weeks pregnant can register, but there is a small chance of missing classes/ appointments (see refund policy)

    What is the program about? (longer explanation)

    • This is a unique comprehensive childbirth preparation course taught by ND doulas and physiotherapists
    • Learn about labour and birth from a non-fear based approach
    • Focuses on teaching and practicing practical exercises and techniques to help you feel relaxed and confident during labour - such as breathing exercises, massage, visualization
    • Includes basic prenatal education such as stages of labour and birth, birth plans and positions
    • Learn about pelvic floor health and work with a pelvic floor PT on strategies to reduce injury in childbirth and maximize postpartum recovery

    There are 2 modules:

    1) Prenatal Childbirth prep with an ND doula;

    2) Pelvic Floor Prep with a Physiotherapist

    The Prenatal Childbirth preparation module is 2 scheduled group classes (2.5 hours each) and taught (live online) by a naturopathic doctor who are also doulas.

    • Prenatal Module class outline

    Class 1: (2-2.5 hours)

    • Your uterus: Designed for childbirth (Understand how it works!)
    • How does stress affect labour and childbirth?
    • Change your mindset and let go of fear
    • Labour and childbirth: What can I expect?
    • Breathing exercises for each stage of labour and childbirth

    Class 2: (2-2.5 hours)

    • Baby's ideal position for birth and how to promote it
    • Due date discussion
    • Education on common interventions during labour
    • Ways to start labour naturally
    • Birth Preferences (aka Birth Plan)
    • Positions for labour and childbirth
    • Effective massage techniques
    • Relaxation place exercise
    • How your partner can become a GREAT birth partner

    The Physiotherapy module includes:

    • Access to an online course to fully educate you on why pelvic floor health is important and how pregnancy and childbirth affects it.
    • A one-on-one appointment with a Pelvic Floor physiotherapist (1hour) to practice the techniques you learned in Prenatal class #1, review best options for birth positions, ensure you are doing pelvic floor (kegel) exercises correctly and perform and teach you (and your partner if they would like to attend) how to perform perineal massage.

    Program includes: 3 Workbooks, 5 audio recordings, Birth Affirmations Artcards, additional resources.

    How do I use insurance?

  • $800 fee is collected to secure your spot in the scheduled classes of the prenatal module with the ND and secure your appointments with a pelvic floor physiotherapist.
  • The amount is then credited towards those services
  • Upon completion of the prenatal classes with the ND, you will receive receipts totalling $400 (usually as two $200 receipts).
  • For the ND module, it is possible to bill under the name(s) of those who attend the class (ie partner and pregnant person)
  • Upon completion of the online component and in-person appointment with your physiotherapist, you will receive receipts totalling $400 (usually as two $200 receipts) (CAN THIS BE BILLED UNDER PARTNER??)
  • Once you receive the receipts, you can submit them to your insurance for reimbursement. Eligibility for reimbursement is under the discretion of your individual insurance policy and plan.
  • Can I split the $800 differently? (ie. $600 under PT, $200 under ND) NO

    Can I put these through my EHB now instead of paying upfront first?

    • Unfortunately not, we can only provide receipts for reimbursement once services are rendered
    • $800 fee is collected as a deposit to secure your spot then this is credited towards those services.
    • You will receive receipts that you can submit to your EHB at each stage of the program (i.e. after each online class and after your 1:1 pelvic session a receipt with both this and the education module on it totalling $400.
    • Eligibility for reimbursement is under the discretion of your individual insurance policy and plan.

    What if I miss a class?

  • Prenatal classes are scheduled.
  • If you miss a class, you may join the corresponding class with a different group (if available).
  • What if my baby is born early and I miss a class?

  • We encourage participants to complete the program before 37 weeks of pregnancy.
  • If your baby is born before you are able to complete the program, your remaining credit can be used towards other services with that practitioner/ clinic


    What if I’m going to have a scheduled C-section?

    Much of this course centers around labour and coping with labour, if you're having a scheduled c-section you may want to reach out for private classes to info@yourdowntowndoula.com

    What if I end up having an emergency c-section?

  • Emergency or unplanned C-sections are usually decided some time after your labour has started and even as late as when you are pushing, so the techniques in this program will still be helpful and valuable
  • The program information includes recovery tips and exercises for those who birth their baby via c-section
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