Holistic Baby Sleep Consultant 

Baby Sleeping with Mom
Feel good about your child’s sleep, without crying it out.

Book a consult with our infant sleep expert

Book a consult with our Baby sleep consultant Toronto. You complete a detailed intake form and submit a 3-day sleep, food and activity log for your child.

Get a tailored support plan

During your 60 - 90 min appointment, she will listen to your concerns and understand your child’s sleep patterns and family situation. With that information she’ll work with you in developing a comprehensive plan to help you and baby meet your sleep goals.

Feel confident about your Baby's sleep

Know you're supported and supporting your baby's growth and development through the night time. 

Trying to figure out sleep with your baby is overwhelming, to say the least. There is so much conflicting information out there and SO MUCH GUILT! Plus, your pediatrician or family doctor doesn’t have any helpful information.

If anything leads to late night googling, it’s baby and you both being awake and desperately wanting sleep. At Your Downtown Doula, we get it. We are here with evidence based information to empower parents to make informed sleep choices with a family-centred approach. 

We hate hearing parents feel conflicted about how to get more sleep while still supporting their baby. Or worse, feeling guilty about choices they’ve made.

Our sleep expert, Dr. EeVon LIng ND is a naturopathic doctor, doula and certified sleep consultant through Isla-Grace. She is a mom to 2 children, one of whom was a terrible sleeper, so she completely understands the sleep struggles of so many families.  Her approach to sleep is based on attachment theory of child development that doesn’t use cry-it-out or forced separation methods, yet she upholds a judgment-free relationship with her families as she helps them navigate through this very common struggle. 

Dr. EeVon, Baby sleep consultant Toronto
  • To listen to your story, your goals and your fears
  • To provide support and education to you and your partner
  • To work collaboratively with you and your health care team
  • That we will use our knowledge and experience to serve you to the best of our abilities
What to expect from our baby sleep consultant 

During your consult with Dr. EeVon, she will listen to your concerns and take a full history of you and baby. She takes the most current knowledge and understanding of infant development and combines it with the unique needs of your family. The results? A customized plan that will help maximize sleep for everyone.  

Are you breastfeeding? Unlike many other sleep training programs, Dr. EeVon is fully supportive of breastfeeding

She is able to help families at every stage: 

  • Newborns
  • Toddlers and school-aged children (up to age 5)
  • Families with more than 1 child (ie. toddler and baby).  


Initial $250 (90 min, includes a detailed summary report)

Follow-up 45 min, $100

These visits is eligible for coverage under your third party insurance as naturopathic services. Available for residents of Ontario only. Service may be offered in-person or virtually, depending on COVID restrictions in place at the time.

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