Having a newborn is overwhelming to say the least. It’s even more overwhelming if you have a baby who is:

  • crying or unsettled all the time
  • having issues with feeding or latching
  • gassy or uncomfortable

It can be hard to know what to do to help your baby.

That’s where I come in. 

I provide infant craniosacral therapy and naturopathic support to help babies feel safer and more comfortable in their bodies.

Baby Relaxing
What is Infant craniosacral therapy?

Being in utero and being born can be hard on a baby’s body. They get pretty squished! Craniosacral therapy is a gentle form of massage that uses about 5 grams of pressure to help babies release tension they may be holding in their bodies. This technique can help with everything from colic to latching to digestive issues as it allows babies to feel more relaxed.

  • To listen to your story, your goals and your fears
  • To provide support and education to you and your partner
  • To work collaboratively with you and your health care team
  • That we will use our knowledge and experience to serve you to the best of our abilities
Meet Dr. Sarah Winward, ND IBCLC

Dr. Sarah is a Naturopathic Doctor, board certified lactation consultant and infant craniosacral therapist (a mouthful, we know). She came to CST after spending years helping parents with lactation, she noticed that almost every baby carries tension in their body from being in utero and birth. She saw huge improvements in babies she referred for CST with latching issues, but these babies also seemed calmer, had improved digestion and settled more easily. She was convinced after running a community clinic with a CST practitioner and saw the difference in babies right away. 

She's also a mama to 2 boys, so she knows what it's like first hand to struggle to try to help our babies settle and feel calm. 

Dr. Sarah is passionate about having a full family approach to support, her plans involve support for parents as well as baby, and are designed to help you feel confident and trust your instincts. 

Dr. Sarah Infant Craniosacral Therapist


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