Guide to Childbirth - Complete Pregnancy book

You deserve an EPIC birth, we've got you covered.

Empowered, Prepared, Informed and Confident.

That's how you want to describe your birth. Pregnancy books give you lots of information, but they don't really prepare you. So, we've put together our EPIC guide, filled with practical information and worksheets, so you have a plan and all your resources right at your fingertips. We guide you smoothly from pregnancy right through postpartum.

What will you learn?

Top Tips for Loving your Birth
Top Tips to Reduce Labour Pain
Power Statements
How to be a Great Birth Partner
Your Birthing Wishlist
Postpartum Planning
Postpartum Healing
Breastfeeding Basics
Infant Sleep Basics

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Disclaimer: Birth is unpredictable. Your Downtown Doula does not guarantee any results from taking this course. This training does not take the place of personalized medical support. All information offered here is intended to be generic in nature and does not substitute for medical advice. 

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