Naturopathic doctors offering Doula Care

Birth Doula Toronto
So you can feel confident and supported through birth and beyond.
All of our doulas are registered health care providers, including Naturopathic Doctors and Registered Acupuncturists. As a result our services may be covered under extended benefits. 

Book a 15 minute discovery call

Virtually meet with a highly trained doula available in your area.

Get a tailored support plan

Together, you and your doula create a plan that perfectly fits your unique needs.

Feel confident about your birth

Know you're supported no matter what may happen.

Pregnancy and birth can be really scary. We know how it feels to question whether your body will be ready and wonder how you'll make the right decisions. Your Downtown Doula has helped hundreds of families feel secure and confident about their bodies, their babies and their births. 

Are you tired of:
  • Feeling unheard by your care provider?
  • Scrolling through parenting blogs trying to find answers to your questions?
  • Feeling unsure about how to make the best choices for you and your baby?
  • Worrying about getting the support you need during your birth?

It's hard to find caring, trustworthy, reliable information about birth and baby needs. Your Downtown Doula's team of registered health care providers is here to support you from pregnancy right through to postpartum. We provide up to date evidence based information and empathetic support. We are here to support you and your family in your choices. 

Benefits of a birth doula? Naturopathic Doctor Doula Toronto

Our hearts break when we see families struggling to find support during pregnancy. The birth of a child is a huge transition for the whole family and you deserve to feel confident through the whole process. With Your Downtown Doula you get:

  • Trusted professionals on call for you 24/7
  • A full team of care providers who are ready to help you with everything from prenatal classes to postpartum planning
  • A doula who is truly invested in your birth plan
  • Services covered by extended benefits plans.
  • To listen to your story, your goals and your fears
  • To provide support and education to you and your partner
  • To work collaboratively with you and your health care team
  • That we will use our knowledge and experience to serve you to the best of our abilities

At Your Downtown Doula we know you are the kind of parents who want the very best for your children, and you know starts with birth. In order to give your baby the best start, you need the most up to date information and a support team who is behind you 100%. The problem is, there is so much conflicting information out there and you feel like you barely have time to scratch the surface with your OB or midwife. Which is confusing and frustrating. We believe every family deserves an empowering birth experience and that begins with information and support. We understand it's hard to know the best decisions to make. That is why we have specific care packages designed to meet the various needs of different families. Here's how it works. We put in contact with an available doula in your area, your doula guides you through the care plan that works best for your family and insurance coverage. Then your Birth doula is there to support you from pregnancy, birth and postpartum. So, book your free 15 minute consult so you can stop worrying about how birth will go and start feeling excited about meeting your baby. 


Your Downtown Doula

We are a collective of registered health care providers who offer doula support and expert care during pregnancy birth and postpartum. From bump to baby, we're with you every step of the way.


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