Confident Birth Prenatal Class

A comprehensive one-on-one prenatal program- taught by a Naturopathic Doctor, covered by benefits

So you can feel calm and confident for labour and childbirth

Get connected with an instructor

Once you register, you'll get connected to a Naturopathic Doctor. You can ask any questions you have before you book your class.

Learn the tools

Within your two sessions, you’ll learn and practice everything you need to know to prepare for a calm and confident childbirth. You will be provided with all the materials you need.

Feel confident about your birth

Keep practicing the techniques after you’ve completed the classes. You’re on your way to a calm and confident birthing day! 

Pregnancy brings up a lot of feelings, like a mix of excitement and… fear? We know how it feels to be worried about how things will go the day you  give birth.

 Are you tired of feeling like:
  • “I don’t think I can do this” 
  • “My OB is not taking my concerns seriously”
  • “How can I prepare when I don’t know what to expect?”
  • “I want to do what’s best for me and my baby, but I don’t know where to start”

It’s hard to find caring support and education. We at YDD are a group of naturopathic doctors that are committed to prepare you so that you feel calm and confident during labour and childbirth. 

Clients that complete the Confident Birth Prenatal Program report:


  • Feeling more confident and positive towards their upcoming childbirth compared to before they completed the program
  • The program taught them exercises and techniques that were not included in other prenatal classes that they took. These other prenatal classes were offered through hospitals, midwife clinics and other doula groups
  • They were able to use the exercises during their labour and found them helpful in keeping them calm and focused 
Prenatal Class Mentor

Our hearts break when we hear families feeling unprepared for birth. That’s why we’ve created the YDD prenatal class for parents just like you. We have been in your shoes and have experienced our own pregnancy to childbirth journey. We understand your fears because we have been there. As doulas we have taught and accompanied hundreds of mothers and parents who have given birth. 

We observed and we listened. 

From our collective experience we created the YDD prenatal class.

  • To listen to your story, your goals and your fears
  • To provide support and education to you and your partner
  • To work collaboratively with you and your health care team
  • That we will use our knowledge and experience to serve you to the best of our abilities

For confidentiality reasons, we can't share testimonials with you, but we can share some case reports! Details have been changed to ensure privacy.

Case Study 1

B.R. and her partner contacted YDD very late in their pregnancy, expecting their first child. They were interested in preparing for childbirth and postpartum support. At our meet and greet, I learned that they were already taking what sounded like a comprehensive hybrid prenatal class that included several video lessons plus weekly sessions with a midwife. Still, they mentioned that they wanted to learn more relaxation exercises, so I offered to teach them YDD’s Confident Birth Prenatal Program. 

After the class, the couple commented on how helpful the session was and B.R. commented that she now felt more confident to face her upcoming birth. The information I taught them was new to them and not covered by their other prenatal class. 

A few weeks later, I received a message that their baby was born! B.R. had decided to remain at home to birth her baby and her partner commented on how amazing B.R. did with the breathing and the visualization exercises they learned, as if she was on a high.

They later commented that of all the classes they took, they ended up only using the exercises and techniques they learned in their Confident Birth Prenatal Program.

Case Study 2

S.T. contacted YDD with only a few weeks left in her pregnancy. She was expecting her first child. She was under the care of an OB and planning to birth at a hospital with a 1 support person policy in place.

Her intention was to labour at home for as long as possible and birth without an epidural. She  expressed some concerns that her partner wouldn’t be able to support her in the way that she needed. So she and her partner opted for the Confident Birth Prenatal Program.

During the sessions she commented on how useful the exercises were to help her relax. 

A few days after her due date S.T. updated me that she had her baby! Her labour started and progressed fairly quickly.  

She commented that the birth was a positive experience and she didn’t feel any pain. She attributed her experience to the exercises she learned from the program.

Case Study 3

C.W. and her partner contacted YDD early in their pregnancy with their first child. They were under the care of an OB. They opted to take both the free prenatal classes offered by their hospital and YDD’s Confident Birth Prenatal Program along with getting doula support for the birth itself.

C.W. explained that she is very science minded and will go along with advice that follows facts.  

Throughout the classes they commented on how much the exercises made sense to them and could appreciate how useful they would be in labour. 

As I was her doula, C.W. reached out to me when her labour started. On the phone and in person she appeared very calm and in control, focusing on the breathing exercises that she had learned from the program. They stayed at home until C.W. expressed that she felt her labour was really intense and wanted to leave for the hospital. 

When they reached the hospital and they checked her, she was almost fully dilated! The hospital staff were very surprised because C.W. appeared very calm- they assumed she was still in early labour. 

Our approach to prenatal education is different than your typical hospital prenatal class:

  • You will learn and practice practical relaxation exercise that you will use during labour
  • Your partner will learn how to be a great birth partner
  • You will learn the stages of labour and birth from a non-fear based approach
  • You will consider your birth plan so you feel educated and empowered about what to expect and how to manage labour and birth
  • Your instructor is a naturopathic doctor* and doula with knowledge and expertise to answer your questions and concerns. She can tailor the classes to suit the unique needs of your pregnancy and birthing situation
  • We celebrate the miracle and power of pregnancy and childbirth!
We’re committed to helping you feel calm and confident for  labour and childbirth!  


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We are a collective of naturopathic doctors who provide doula support and expert care during pregnancy birth and postpartum. From bump to baby, we're with you every step of the way.


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