Bust Your Birth Fears Week!
7 days to change the way you feel about birth

Starting June 14, 2021


🌠 Are you worried about getting too many interventions?
🌠 What if it's too late to get an epidural?
🌠 What if I can't breastfeed? What if I get post partum depression?

Your birth fears are normal and common.

We hear you. We support you.

You deserve to feel confident, prepared and empowered. We'll help you address these and other common birth fears in 1 empowering week! 

We want you to ⚡know⚡ that YOU CAN DO IT!

Join our team of birth experts on a 7 day journey to work through your biggest birth fears and step into your power.

Are you ready?

What can I expect from Bust Your Birth Fears Week?

  • For 1 empowering week, our team of birth experts will be coming to you live every day in our Facebook group to talk about the most common fears we hear.
  • You'll be reassured with tips and exercises so these fears don't get in the way of your birth experience.
  • You'll be part of our supportive community of other pregnant parents as you receive guidance to help ignite your birth power.
  •  You'll receive up to date info that reflects the challenges of birthing during a pandemic.
  • Best of all, access to this amazing week is FREE! 

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