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Give yourself the best chance at nursing

Lactation 101- An online prenatal lactation course that gives you all the tools you need so you can nurse your baby confidently from birth to weaning.  

Created by Dr. Sarah Winward, a Naturopathic Doctor and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Class access includes an individual assessment with our Naturopathic Doctor.

Do you live in Ontario? Do you have a Health Benefits Plan? This course may be FREE.

Congrats! Baby is on the way!

And you're planning to breastfeed.

You know that giving your baby human milk is the best thing for them. But, you've probably heard horror stories from friends and family about how hard it can be. Things like:

  • Breastfeeding hurt so much I had to stop
  • I was never able to make enough for my baby
  • My nipples were flat so my baby wasn't able to latch on 

Even with all of these stories in mind, you want to put your best foot forward. Many families plan to breastfeed but only 25% are successful. Thing biggest reasons why parents stop are pain and low supply. One of the key factors to breastfeeding success is support, Lactation 101 is designed to give you the resources that you need as you navigate this new, exciting and yes challenging time of life. 

Introducing Lactation 101

The best way to confidently enter into your breastfeeding journey. Feel empowered to navigate any problem areas as they arise and have a more easeful experience feeding your baby. 

What will you learn?

The Basics

- What is a latch, even?

- How do I know if I'm doing it right? 

- What are the most comfortable ways to hold my baby while nursing?

What to do if things go wrong

You'll learn the most effective ways to eliminate pain, boost supply and what to do if you have a rocky start.

Pumping and Bottles

Most families want to use at least some bottles. You'll learn how to pump and how to store your milk. Plus, learn how to bottle feed a breastfed baby to avoid bottle preference.

Bonus Naturopathic Tips

Learn some of my tips for newborn care and adjusting to life as a new parent.

Lactation 101 can be free! Here's how:

Do you live in Ontario? Do you have a Health Benefits Plan? This course may be covered! All you have to do to get started is book a virtual consult with our ND. Don't worry, the cost of the consult is covered in the class fee. 


Inclusive of assessment, class access and taxes

Don't wait until wait and see how it goes. Now is the time to prepare for success.

Not in Ontario? Don't have insurance? You can access the class here for just $197 CAD.

What Makes Lactation 101 the Best Class for you?

Lactation 101 isn't just an online class. Our class was designed by Dr. Sarah, ND IBCLC to include not just basic information on lactation, but takes a wholistic approach that integrates her years of experience as a Naturopathic Doctor.

Each class includes an individualized assessment with Dr. Sarah. We go over details of your health history that may impact your ability to feed your baby and come up with a personalized plan for you to ensure you have the right support, right away. You also have to opportunity to ask Dr. Sarah any questions you want answers to before baby arrives. 

What people are saying about Lactation 101

"I have really enjoyed the Lactation 101 course. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and it was very easy to follow along with. I liked how the course was broken down into sections with videos, demonstrations, handouts, and attached links. I highly recommend it!"

- Sara-Marie

"Breastfeeding is going really well so far. I'd say 90% of feeds are going really smoothly! This course definitely helped a lot. It really helped me feel comfortable as a new mom."

- Lauren

Get a Sneak Peak of the Class

About your instructor

Hi, I'm Dr. Sarah, Naturopathic Doctor and Lactation Consultant. I'm also mama to 2 boys, the oldest nursed until he was 3 and the youngest is still going! In my practice I have helped hundreds of families meet their breastfeeding goals. I'm so passionate about prenatal education when it comes to breastfeeding because starting out on the right foot is so important. A little knowledge before you give birth can mean the difference between a smooth breastfeeding relationship and a struggle. I designed this course so you can have access to all the information you need to make the best decisions for your family right from birth. I hope you enjoy!

Dr. Sarah Winward, ND IBCLC  //  Creator of Lactation 101

What you get

Class access includes a personalized assessment with our Naturopathic Doctor.

Each module contains practical, easy to understand videos that walk you through all the information you need to know and demonstrate tips, tricks and tools. 

Modules also include downloadable handouts with all the information covered and links to helpful online resources. 

Course Contents

The Basics: why breastfeed and basic physiology

Starting Out Right: what happens in a typical feed and how to manage feedings

Mechanics: how to get a good latch, the most common feeding positions and the breastcrawl

Special Circumstances: including how to navigate nursing after a c-section

Common Latching Problems: Solutions to pain, difficulties latching, weight loss, jaundice and more

Alternate Feeding Methods: How to bottle feed, bottle alternatives and all about pumping

Older Babies: Introducing solids and weaning

Myth Busting: Can I drink alcohol or have caffeine? What about cannabis? 

BONUS Naturopathic Tips: Establishing the microbiome, tips for a happy newborn and more!

Only 25% of families meet their breastfeeding goals. My mission is to make that number higher. Research and experience have taught me that prenatal breastfeeding classes are KEY in your success. Join me to today to make a powerful difference in your baby's life.

Dr. Sarah Winward, ND

The Best Time to Start Preparing is Now!

If you're in your third trimester, now is the ideal time to take this course. The information will be fresh and you'll have time to go through what you need to know before baby is born.

Do you live in Ontario? Do you have a Health Benefits Plan? This course may be covered! All you have to do to get started is book a virtual consult with our ND. Don't worry, the cost of the consult is covered in the class fee. 


Inclusive of assessment, class access and taxes

Not in Ontario? Don't have insurance? You can access the class here for just $197 CAD.

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Disclaimer: Birth is unpredictable. Your Downtown Doula does not guarantee any results from taking this course. This training does not take the place of personalized medical support. All information offered here is intended to be generic in nature and does not substitute for medical advice. 

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