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Are you planning on breastfeeding your baby?

Do you have questions like:

  • Will breastfeeding hurt?
  • What do I do if I'm not making enough milk?
  • Pumping? What? How? Do I even need to?
  • What happens when I go back to work?
  • How to know if baby is hungry? Is it true that every time they cry they want to eat?
  • I hear about clogged ducts, how TF do I avoid this because apparently it’s very painful

Keep reading for answers!

Lactation 101-The BEST thing you can do to prepare for Breastfeeding

An online prenatal breastfeeding course that gives you all the tools you need so you can nurse your baby confidently from birth to weaning.

$197 CAD 

Do you have a Health Benefits Plan? This course may be FREE

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What will you learn?

The Basics

- What is a latch, even?

- How do I know if I'm doing it right? 

- What are the most comfortable ways to hold my baby while nursing?

What to do if things go wrong

You'll learn the most effective ways to eliminate pain, boost supply and what to do if you have a rocky start.

Pumping and Bottles

Most families want to use at least some bottles. You'll learn how to pump and how to store your milk. Plus, learn how to bottle feed a breastfed baby to avoid bottle preference.

Bonus Naturopathic Tips

Learn some of my tips for newborn care and adjusting to life as a new parent.

Get a Sneak Peak of the Class

The Best Time to Start Preparing is Now!

If you're in your third trimester, now is the ideal time to take this course. The information will be fresh and you'll have time to go through what you need to know before baby is born.

$197 CAD

Do you have a Health Benefits Plan?

This course may be FREE.

Book a 15 minute call to find out more.

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