Breastfeeding Tips and Guide

The essentials for your breastfeeding journey

Breastfeeding Tips

This Breastfeeding Tips Guide is for you if...

You want to feel confident about breastfeeding

Most parents I talk to are 

- Scared that nursing will hurt

Worried they won't be able to make enough milk

- Anxious because they don't know what to expect

We hear you. That's why we've put together this quick, easy Breastfeeding guide that gives you all the basics in one place

Learn how to get a good latch

Wondering what a latch even is? It's basically just how your baby attaches to your breast. You'll learn simple techniques to optimize your latch.

Feel confident reading your baby's cues

Learn how to tell that your baby is hungry, before they start crying.

Know that your baby is getting enough

This is one of the most common concerns for new parents. Learn exactly how to tell that your baby is getting enough. 

Learn what's normal for a newborn 

Those first few days are critical. Learn what's normal, and what to expect as your baby gets older.

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Disclaimer: This guide does not take the place of personalized medical support. All information offered here is intended to be generic in nature and does not substitute for medical advice. 

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