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An online course all about pregnancy inductions

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You want to feel confident about birthing on your own terms

Your whole pregnancy has been relatively smooth, everything seems to be going mostly okay. Then, all of a sudden at your 38 week visit your care provider says "well, if you don't go into labour soon we'll get you scheduled in for an induction". 

Sound familiar? 

Maybe this is you, maybe you've heard horror stories from friends. 

Induction at the end of pregnancy is brought up so casually, like it's just the normal next step. 

  • But, what the heck is an induction? What actually happens?
  • Why do so many birth horror stories start with "they induced me"?
  • And most importantly, what can you do to prevent this from being your story.

Dr. Olivia Chubey, ND and Dr. EeVon Ling, ND dive deep into what an induction actually is, giving you easy to understand info on what the research actually says. They also provide you with things that you can do RIGHT NOW to avoid being induced. Best of all, they go through point by point of what to expect if you do end up having an induction. They tell you exactly what to expect, how to prepare for it and tips on how to get through it while supporting your physiology.

What will you learn?

What the f*** an induction actually is

Why are they on the rise and exactly what you need to know about the process to make informed decisions.

How can you avoid an induction

There are a lot of myths about what can bring on labour. Learn which ones have solid evidence behind them. 

What to do with you do need an induction

Damn, I need an induction- now what? Go in depth about all the interventions that might come up and how you can support your body through them.

Practical tools you can use RIGHT NOW

Timelines and handouts with tips on how to encourage labour and guide you through an induction. These tools will carry you right through birth with confidence.

Get instant access to All About Inductions now!

It's never too early to prepare. Go into birth on your own terms. Get instant, lifetime access to this amazing resource RIGHT NOW! 

All about inductions

Why we made this course

Team Pregnancy Induction Course

15% of inductions are not necessary

Inductions are on the rise. And according to a 2013 Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology study 15% of inductions weren't clinically indicated or documented. If you think about how many people birth every day, that's a huge number of parents who are having potentially risky interventions they don't need! 

We are tired of hearing induction Pregnancy horror stories. 

Dr. Olivia and Dr. EeVon have a combined 20 years of naturopathic doula experience. They share all of their wisdom because we want you to have all the facts so you can make the best decisions for you and your family. 

What you get in our pregnancy induction course

Get instant lifetime access to this amazing resource, including:

Practical, easy to understand videos that walk you through all the information you need to know.

Simple, summary hand outs that you can download to your phone. Including a timelines for the end of pregnancy and tip sheets you can bring right to your birth.

The Best Time to Start Preparing is Now!

It's never too early to get prepared for birth. Go into your labour feeling confident and empowered. Learn the facts from the pros. Get lifetime access NOW!

All about Inductions

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