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YDD is a Naturopathic doula collective servicing Toronto and the GTA. We are committed to empowering you to have a postive pregnancy, birth and post partum experience. Start your positive journey into parenthood by booking a free meet and greet today! 


YDD offers doula services to help you have a healthy pregnancy, positive childbirth, smooth post partum and successful baby feeding experiences. All of our birth doulas are licensed Naturopathic Doctors, which may be covered under extended benefit plans.

To start your positive journey to parenthood, schedule a free meet and greet with one of our doulas today! 


HypnoBirthing┬« The Mongan Method is a complete prenatal program that takes a non-fear based approach to fully educate and prepare you (and your partner) for a calm and confident labour and childbirth. You will learn and practice breathing and relaxation techniques to ultimately lead you to trust the wisdom of your body to birth your baby. Program includes books, recordings and bonus materials and is taught by our ND doulas. 

Click the link below to our sister site for more information and registration. 


A 2 hour session with our postpartum doula. During our session we cover a range of topics to help you feel prepared and confident before you welcome your baby. Bring your questions - we can chat about anything and everything postpartum-related! Here are some of the common topics discussed during our postpartum planning sessions:


  • Building your support team, aka your village
  • Your postpartum body - what to expect and tips for healing post-birth
  • Preparing for feeding - by breast/chest, and/or bottle
  • Newborn care questions
  • Sleep expectations and strategies
  • Mental/emotional health and self care
  • Nutrition
  • Community resources
  • And anything else you would like to chat about!

Don't worry about writing everything down - you will be sent detailed notes from our call.

Cost: $100

Lactation SUPPORT

Just because breast/chestfeeding is natural, doesn't mean it's easy.

Our lactation expert comes to your home to assist you with all of your breastfeeding concerns. From nipple pain in the early days, to milk supply issues to fussiness in older babies, we'll be right there with you on this journey.

Currently pregnant? Book a free 15 minute consult

Feeding issues now? Book an initial 2 hour in-person breastfeeding appointment

online prenatal classes

Learn valuable information from our experts from the comfort and convenience of home: YDD Academy offers everything you need from prenatal classes, learn about interventions, chest/breastfeeding classes to doula training for your birth partner. 


We sell premium herbal products for labour prep, breastfeeding and post partum healing. Perfect for you. Perfect as a gift for a pregnant friend.

Quality Service

Our Naturopathic Doctor doulas are expertly trained, to provide you with the best support from pregnancy through the postpartum period. We help you make a smooth transition as your family grows.

Personalized Care
We strive to provide you and your family with exactly the support you need, whatever that looks like. Our Naturopathic Doctor doulas will help you determine the ideal care for you.
Ongoing Support
Looking for prenatal education? HypnoBirthing?We've got you covered. Birth and postpartum support? That, too. Plus naturopathic doctors, lactation consultants and nutritionists. All the support you need in one place.
  • To listen to your story, your goals and your fears
  • To provide support and education to you and your partner
  • To work collaboratively with you and your health care team
  • That we will use our knowledge and experience to serve you to the best of our abilities

Get started today!

Our birth doulas are registered Naturopathic Doctors, ready to help you start your family off on the right foot. Take your first steps towards your empowered and supported pregnancy journey, today.

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