Prenatally Prepared: A Holistic Birth Class

Combining naturopathic education and lactation training as well as experience as a doula, we have put together a class that will have you and your partner prepared and excited for your upcoming birthing experience. We provide a holistic and evidence based approach, giving you the tools you need for the birth you want.

What to expect:

Small class sizes allow you the opportunity to ask specific questions and work closely with me. Working in a group means you can learn others perspectives and benefit from their experiences.

  • Week 1
    Birth- the nitty-gritty
    • The physiology of birth and what to expect during each stage
    • Evidence based birth choices and informed consent
    • Put together YOUR birth plan
  • WEEK 2
    Comfort measures
    • The fear/tension/pain triangle
    • Techniques for preparing your body for birth
    • Ways your partner can help
    • Learn and master comfort measures so you’re ready to use them during your birth
  • Week 3
    • Breastfeeding myths and facts
    • How to tell if your baby is drinking well
    • Step by step guidance for the perfect latch
  • Week 4
    Postpartum, baby and momma wellness
    • What to expect in the first weeks postpartum
    • Media representations of parenthood and what is realistic
    • Momma nutrition
    • How to mobilize your support system
Want to learn about birth in the comfort of your own home? Interested in more intensive one-on-one teaching? Contact Sarah regarding private classes

“The decision to become a mother is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body”



How We can Help with your pregnancy

Your Doula assists you in all stages of your pregnancy and treats any health concerns along the way.

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