HypnoBirthing - for a calm, confident and relaxed birth

Group Classes:


Classes will be held on Tuesdays from 7-9:30pm at 

Healthy Body Wellness Group

Classes start on March 5th, 2019

Private and semi-private classes are also available. Contact us for details!

Empower yourself today with current knowledge and past wisdom to transform your birth experience into the magical awakening of love and inner strength it was always meant to be.

There is nothing worse than starting your journey into motherhood overwhelmed by fear

There is already far too much to worry about: figuring out what pump to buy, what stroller is ideal, getting together the nursery, finding the cutest outfits, how you are going to schedule all your appointments with work.  Why not take one thing off your plate. 

For too many mothers their fear of birth consumes them more and more as each month goes by, and often this fear can overshadow the joy of meeting their newborn.  It is my mission to change this. Every woman deserves to know about her body.  Every woman deserves a calm, relaxed, fear-free birth.

Enter HypnoBirthing

 “My dream is that every woman, everywhere will know the joy of being able to call upon her natural birthing instinct and bring her baby into the world in calm and peace and comfort.” ~ Marie F. Mongan 1989

Created by Marie Mongen, this program includes education in special breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, relaxation, affirmation, visualization and bonding—all designed to assist you to become empowered and confident, as you learn to trust the innate wisdom of your body to know how to birth your baby intuitively.

That doesn’t mean necessarily mean you birth naturally under the moonlight and sneeze out your baby.  But it does mean you learn to trust your instincts and stop doubting your body’s ability to do what it was designed for.  

 Not everything comes naturally but birth is biology which means most of the time your body can do it without “your” (or anyone else’s) help.  You just have to trust that you can do it. 

And don’t just think this course is ONLY for the mother.  This course caters to the whole family unit. Partners are welcomed and encouraged to take all classes and will learn how to be a supportive labour companion.  The best outcomes happen when everyone is on the same page.

Group Classes


Classes will be held on Tuesdays from 7-9:30pm at 

Healthy Body Wellness Group

Classes start on March 5th

Private Classes


Semi-private Classes


2 or more couples

Private and Semi-private classes are held in your own home on your own schedule, contact us for details!

As a doula I have seen the difference in patients who take HypnoBirthing courses.  They are more calm, more confident, more relaxed, more responsive to natural coping methods, less likely to undergo interventions, happier and more satisfied their birth experiences.  

What’s stopping you from choosing peace of mind, inner strength and your best birth?

Nothing! I will see you at the next class!

Is your due date coming up?  Contact me at olivia@yourdowntowndoula.com and we can arrange an accelerated class just for you!

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