1) Are doula and naturopathic services covered by insurance?

While neither are covered by OHIP, many extended benefit plans cover both naturopathic care and doula services. Check with your provider for more information.

2) What is the difference between a midwife and a birth doula?

The biggest difference is that a doula provides no medical care. A midwife will ensure that you and your baby have a healthy birth, they are responsible for performing physical exams such as checking your cervix and taking blood, they usually arrive during active labour and are ultimately responsible for safely delivering your baby. A doula learns your birth preferences and your plan before your birth and can be a neutral advocate for you during your labour. A doula provides emotional and physical care during your labour, as well as providing you with a neutral source of information. This can mean guiding you through relaxation or breathing techniques, providing massage, suggesting position changes, or many other things. A doula can also help to coach your partner to ensure that both of you have a birth experience that you will treasure.

3) What if I know I want an epidural or caesarean section?

Navigating all the options for pregnancy and birth can be overwhelming! Our role is to provide you with non-judgemental information and allow you to make your own decisions. We work with people in every situation, at every level of intervention from home births to caesareans. It is helpful to have emotional and physical support with you and your partner throughout your labour, regardless of what that labour looks like. A birth is a birth after all, and having a doula present can help make any birth empowering and special.

4) I have a very supportive partner, should I still have a doula?

This is one of our favorite aspects of being a doula! Many partners want to be actively involved in the labour process, but are nervous, unsure and have their own fears. Have a doula present can help to normalize the birth process, and can remind your partner of techniques you have practiced and other ways to be involved. The best moments of birth for us are when we can step back and watch soon-to-be parents slow dance through labour.

We also provide an extra set of hands for when your partner gets tired, hungry or overwhelmed. This gives them the opportunity to briefly recharge so they can be present when it matters most. We help you navigate your birth experience in a way that makes you both feel comfortable and involved.


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