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My Birth Didn't go as planned...

I planed for a natural birth, but things didn't go as I expected. That didn't stop me from having a birth I loved.  

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I felt guilty about sharing my birth story

I loved my birth, but I felt like I couldn't share it with other moms. Then a friend told me she was pregnant...

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The best tool i had, without even realizing it

There is one tool that I would recommend every pregnant person have before, during and after birth, and it's not what you think!

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Formula is medicine

Families need to make INFORMED choices about the health of their babies. 

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Let's get realistic about Postpartum Bodies

What you see in the media is not realistic. And that's ok!

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Birth without fear?

With everything we see in the media, is it possible to have a birth without fear?

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VBAC is a safe options

Parents are often concerned that once they have had a C-section they can't have vaginal birth. Evidence suggests otherwise!

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